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The teacher will assess the ability of the student and this will also be taken into consideration when choosing the right class for the student.

New starters on the main stream course who are 7+ Years must have previous dance training experience. 

Main Stream - Ballet/Modern/Tap All 3 genres of dance must be studied together. 

How we group the mainstream classes:

  • Parent and Toddler - Walking to 3Years

  • Red - 3-4 Years

  • Orange - 5-6 Years

  • Yellow - 7-9 Years

  • Green - 10 Years + 

  • Blue - 12 Years + 

Extra Curricular - Musical Theatre/Acrobatics/Street/Contemporary/Stretch/Workshop

  • Group 1 (5-10 Years) 

  • Group 2 - (11 Years +)


5-6pm Stretch

6-7pm Workshop

(Kicks and Leaps/Pirouettes)

7-7.30pm Pointe Work

7.30-8.15pm - Exam Preparation


11am Sensory Storytime

5-6pm Musical Theatre G1 (5-10 Years)

5-6pm Acrobatic Dance G2 (11 Years +)

6-7pm Musical Theatre G2 (11+ Years)

6-7pm - Acrobatic Dance G1 (5-10 Years)


5-8pm 121 Lessons 


5-6pm Green Ballet

6-7pm Green Tap

7-8pm Green Modern

5-6pm Blue Tap

6-7pm Blue Modern

7-8pm Blue Ballet


5-6pm Contemporary Dance G2

(11 Years+)

5-6pm Street Dance G1

(5-10 Years)

7-8pm Street Dance G2


9-9.45am Parent and Toddler

9.15-10.15am Red


10.30-12pm Orange Ballet/Modern/Tap

9.30-11.30am Yellow Ballet/Modern/Tap


All classes are £6 an hour.

Once enrolled, parents will receive an invoice for the half term ahead.

Invoices can be viewed on the class manager portal.

There are discounts when students take multiple classes a week.

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