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Chloe Sweeting and a selection of hand picked specialists are proud to offer their expertise and knowledge of dance and performing arts to the people of East Yorkshire. Careful and precious technical tuition will build our student's ability to move and perform.

Anlaby Studios Performing Arts School aims to be Hull’s leading training provider for the stage. Our goal is to help to develop and create the performers of the future. Through commitment and passion, we will allow students to flourish with confidence, showing beautiful, skillful technique and ability. Tutor are hand picked to enable students to be expertly taught in their chosen activity. The school will encourage students to audition and compete with local and national performers. There will be an opportunity for all performers to be on stage and entertain a live audience.

[Performing Arts School]

The performing arts team thrive on seeking the potential of all students and are committed to guide, support and nurture talent in Hull and East Riding. Anlaby Studios is designed to allow students to become highly trained and succeed in learning to be disciplined, committed and secure in their knowledge of their chosen activity, whilst thoroughly enjoying the journey. Students will work individually and as a team to provide outstanding performances. Anlaby Studios will be a hub for achievement that will be highly showcased for the community to recognise.

Grace and power in a manner of all styles.

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For all required class uniform, please see the uniform policy.
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Mainstream students will be provided with the opportunity to study and possibly take exams in ISTD syllabus. 


Students on the Mainstream course/Musical Theatre/Street Classes will take part in a school show every summer


Students will be scouted in classes to join Anlaby Studios Competition Team. 


We are proud to show our successes.

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